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The biggest issue facing rent rolls today is a lack of growth!

Without a doubt, this is the most concerning issue as highlighted by business owners everywhere!

That’s why IGT’s (Inspired Growth Training) main drive and focus is to deliver the most effective solution to this ongoing problem!

With over 40 lead generation techniques that make the phone ring with warm quality leads, using a number of tested and proven strategies developed by IGT directors Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz who have between them personally signed up 1500 new doors, with ONE method alone developed by Deniz that delivered 745 doors in 3 years in a small country NSW town.

The third IGT director Darren Hunter further assists you to ensure you make the very most you can in fee revenue together with fee objection scripts and fee maximisation strategies for both new and current clients in a rent roll and further teaches property manager time management, effective communication, conflict and stress management strategies.

Julie Collins is our fourth consultant and trainer who specialises in making sure that your rent roll runs efficiently with your team structure, workflows, recruitment, training and onboarding, KPI's, and so much more.

Delivered through online and live training events and coaching, IGT delivers your total growth, fee maximisation, and property manager operational and nuts and bolts training needs.

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