IGT Success Program

Are you frustrated that your current BDM isn’t bringing in better results?

An effective BDM should be signing up between 15 to 30 new managements each month, with or without the support of a sales team.

Here’s some reasons why this doesn’t occur:

  • ​Their focus and energy is taken up with other roles like managing and leasing properties or as a Department Head.
  • ​They’re ‘sidetracked’ performing relief duties for other positions.
  • ​They’re not on the right incentive package.
  • ​They’re not the right person for the role.
  • ​They’re not being held accountable and properly managed.
  • ​They’re not working to right strategies and KPI’s.

Take your BDM to the next level of new business results trained by a specialist IGT Success Program Coach.

If you’re not achieving 15 to 30 new managements each month with your BDM, get in contact with us today to discuss how we can do this with you.

IGT Success Program- here’s what you get:

  • Induction training with your IGT Success Program Coach to a series of up to thirty effective growth strategies and activities that will make the phone ring and generate new business (delivered in-office or remotely online, depending on your location).
  • Set and structured KPIs and Targets- together with their IGT Success Program Coach.
  • Twice monthly accountability phone calls with their IGT Success Program Coach (to ensure they’re reaching their agreed targets and KPI’s).
  • Full email and phone support- have a query or question or need help between coaching calls?

Here’s what others have said regarding our IGT Success Program already:

Here’s what others have said regarding our
IGT Success Program already:

Aimee Robinson – C&K Property Management

Jody Chatillon – RE/Max

Julie Collins – Altitude Real Estate

Mitch Edwards – Ipswich Real Estate

Crichelle Hills – Metrocity Realty

Melissa Hickson – Prime Residential

Contact us about
IGT Success Program

Contact us about
IGT Success Program

“In the short time that I have known Deniz Yusuf he has taught me how to look at property management in a completely different way and after 17 years that’s impressive. I have been able to use numerous methods to help build my business and I know the results are a direct result of the training and mentoring I received from Deniz. A true visionary and all round great guy, no swagger or false bravado just solid advice that actually works. Thank you Deniz.”
Megan Taylor- Division Manager- RPM Real Estate Group
South Melbourne VIC

“As owner of a property management company in the United States I was referred to Deniz Yusuf and after a detailed conversation with him regarding how he trains and teaches we hired him on the spot. He worked with my BDM to make her the number one leading closer in Houston Texas if not the country closing 188 doors the first year and then 229 the next year. Deniz coaching and guidance transcends countries and oceans. It does not matter where you are located his teachings will make your company grow, I would be concerned to find out that he was coaching my competition.”
Steven Rozenberg- Owner Empire Industries LLC
Houston Texas, USA

“I have been receiving coaching from Deniz for over 12 months now. I am blown away by his knowledge, abilities to really understand the person he is coaching and the constant support and push he gives. My confidence as a BDM has gone from strength to strength thanks to Deniz’s coaching. I am implementing so many of my learnings which is putting me ahead of the competition and doing things that no other agent is and is getting me amazing results! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the coaching I have received and thank Deniz from the bottom of my heart for all he has done and continues to do! Highly recommend Deniz”
Jess Clarke- BDM
Brisbane QLD

“We has received Deniz’s training both on a team and personal level since 2013/14. As a result of the training we have implemented many new strategies and technologies into our daily routine that helps both team workflow and enhances our owner & tenant relationships. As an industry leader we can’t thank Deniz enough for his ongoing support and could not recommend him highly enough to anyone wanting to grow as a BDM or business owner.
Greg Pearson, Director Professionals Arthur Johnson Snowball
Albany WA