Darren Hunter- Director

Darren Hunter is a national and international property management trainer, expert and leading industry authority in fees and overcoming fee discounting, as well as productivity and time management.

Authoring two books ‘PM Fee Scripts Secrets’ and ‘Master Your Time Secrets’, Darren Hunter has been training Real Estate Business Owners and Property Managers on a national and international level at seminars, conferences and workshops across Australia, New Zealand and the United States since 2005, with his books now placed into 7 different countries.

Together with 15 years experience as a property manager between 1989 and 2005, Darren has also been a property inspector, senior property manager and state (network) property manager over South Australia and Northern Territory for one of Australia’s most respected real estate brands, managing 28 property managers over 18 regional offices.

Darren specialises in coaching agencies on how to earn more from their rent roll through getting better fees, and trains various topics including time management and stress management via online webinars, seminars, workshops and conferences.

To speak with Darren about how he can help you to earn more, book direct into his diary at, or contact Darren at

What agencies have said after attending Darren’s previous training seminars:

“Relates to property management day-to-day situations”
Michelle Osmond- Property Manager, Maxpro Rated – WA. Rated 10/10

“Very relevant material”
Alex Meneghello, Property Consultant- Pure Leasing Central – WA. Rated 9-10/10

“Fantastic, Informative!”
Tracy Tomkinson, Property Manager- Sanctuary Real Estate – WA. Rated 10/10

“Clear, easy to follow”
Daniel Carruthers, Property Manager- Logiudile Property Group – WA. Rated 10/10

“To the point! Easy to transfer to everyday use in office”
Georgina Johnston, Senior Property Manager- One Residential – WA. Rated 10/10

“Thorough Presentation”
Robert Harris, Senior Property Manager- Pure Leasing – WA. Rated 10/10

“Very educational, great learning tips”
Laura Wardan, Property Manager- Raine and Horne Gladstone Park – VIC. Rated 10/10

“Clear and well-spoken”
Sergio Angilletta, BDM- Hudson Bond Real Estate – VIC. Rated 10/10

“Great Seminar! Everything discussed was what we were after!”
Leisha Devlin, Property Manager- Finning First National – VIC. Rated 10/10

“New way of thinking about bringing in new business”
Sarah Evans, Property Manager- Finning First National – VIC. Rated 10/10

“Overall presentation was easy to understand and to apply in everyday property management.”
Stacey Kelegouris, Property Manager- Barry Plant Preston – VIC. Rated 10/10

“Clear, concise discussion- great examples!”
Philippa Cheyne, Department Head, Metropole – VIC. Rated 9/10

Contact Darren by filling out this form:

Contact Darren by filling out this form: