Eight HOT ‘Serial Offender’ Rent Control SMS Texts

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Please note:

These SMS suggested texts are to be used with caution.

These texts are NOT to be used for tenants who fall behind on their rent from time to time. General communication is appropriate for this type of tenant.

But when you have a tenant that blatantly refuses to pay their rent on time on a regular basis despite all your reasonable efforts, we call them ‘Serial Late Rent Offenders’. Use these texts with care, with this type of tenant.

We’ll call your emergency contacts!
(Contributed by Jacqui Kitto)

Your rent was one day in arrears yesterday and you have not yet paid or returned calls. The owner has been notified and if no response is received today we will call your emergency contacts to make sure that you are OK.

Let us know why your rent is behind!
(Contributed by Natalie Jones)

Your rent is 3 days overdue, please pay $X immediately (another $X is due Wednesday 20th August) failure to pay rent on time will jeopardise your tenancy renewal in January and tarnish your rental history. Could you please let me know why the rent is behind, as I need to advise your landlord?

Followed by:

$X IS EXPECTED today. If it’s not received, you can expect a termination notice. A response from you would not hurt to tell me what’s going on.

Rent is late again!
(Contributed by Rebecca Fogarty)

Rent is late again, it is your obligation to pay rent on the due date, not our responsibility to chase you for it.

Check your mailbox tomorrow! (Contributed by Caroline Gray)

After numerous failed attempts to contact you regarding your arrears, please check your mailbox tomorrow for your termination notice and the following process to have you blacklisted for non-payment of rent.

We’re going to start the eviction process.
(Contributed by Marie Zuffi)

You are x days in arrears. Pay your rent immediately or we will start the eviction process.

Late rent payments will not be tolerated!
(Contributed by Melissa Molnar)

Thank you for your rent payment. Your rent is now paid to date. As part of your agreement to lease the property, you are required to pay in advance of your due date. Therefore, we ask that you make another full week’s payment to avoid another arrears status tomorrow. Consistent late rent payments will not be tolerated. Failure to pay your rent on time will result in application to the Tribunal to have your tenancy reviewed.

If you continue to disregard my messages…
(Contributed by Melissa Molnar)

(Name), your lease expires in September, if you continue to disregard my messages to get your rent up to date I will be terminating your lease. You have 24 hrs to pay the arrears before I issue your Notice to Vacate.

Broken Promises
(contributed by Merridee Watson)

After numerous SMS messages, phone calls and broken promises to pay you have still not paid your rent. Can you please have your rent paid by tomorrow morning by 10 AM as it is the end of the month and the landlord will be expecting their rent? It will be me the landlord ‘gets up’ when they do not receive their rent payments. If you do not pay as you have previously promised so many times in the past you will be receiving an eviction notice.


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