FIVE Effective Ways to Find More Managements with Current Owners

Thursday, November 16, 2023

It’s no secret that your current owners are likely to have other properties you’re not even aware of, either managed privately or with another agency. They may even know of other people who need your services right now.

So how do you tap into this supply of more business?

Deniz Yusuf signed-up 900 properties over a four-year period, and successfully signed up more properties and business from current owners of the agency he was working with at the time.

Here are five effective steps that Deniz Yusuf implemented to find more properties:

Step One – Create a promotional offer.

Have a promotion ready as an incentive to offer your current clients if they transfer another property to you. For example – an offer might include a gift voucher from a local store that your office networks with (a mutual referral business). You could also offer them a free management period like ‘3 for 3’ being – 3% off for three months.

If the owner refers another person to you then you may offer this to both the owner and the person being referred over.

Step Two – Have a promotional email ready to go.

Draft an email about your offer that’s good to go if you’re unable to reach them by phone, so you can email it right after you’ve left your phone message.

If you are able to speak with them, the email is then used as a confirmation of your offer and discussion.

Step Three – Have a ‘lead in script’.

Use a lead-in script like; “Hi Darren, it’s Deniz here from IGT Realty and I wanted to advise you of a three-month management-free period that you’re entitled to. Have you got time to have a quick discussion about it?”

With this script, we have just ‘dangled’ the carrot in front of them. Then explain the offer to them if they either refer you to another property or refer another person who needs your management services.

Step Four – Ask for the business.

You need to ask for the business, and here’s a sample script you can use; “Darren, do you know anyone else that would like to receive the same high level of service as you, or do you have another property we can assist you within managing because we’d like to ensure you get the 3% off for three month’s management offer”.

Step Five – Enter the details into your CRM.

Make sure you immediately enter an opportunity for a referral or other lead details into your CRM program and have a follow-up date in place if they’ve indicated that they may know someone they can refer to you.


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