NINE ‘Crappy’ Points of Difference [Plus THREE that really work!]

Thursday, November 16, 2023

When you get asked the question by a prospective client ‘how are you different from the other agents down the road?’ how do you respond?

We’ve called hundreds of agencies secret shopping over the years and quite frankly when they get asked this question nearly all agencies have nothing of any real difference that will impress a prospective client.

Here are NINE ‘crappy’ points of difference that we came across recently:

1- “We achieve x% above the sale price”

2- “We have ‘quite a lot of experience’ between us and their agency has won an award!”

3- “We take photos before the tenant moves in and can go back to comparing against the photos when the tenant moves out!”

4- “We are part of a Franchise Group!”

5- “We are an independent boutique agency!”

6- “Our property managers manage less compared with the industry average.”

7- “We are a family-owned, full-service company”

8- “We have a full-time person who just does trust accounting”

9- “All our property management fees are tax-deductible!”-

As you can see these would not adequately differentiate your agency from another.

Not enough to make you stand out and impress them enough to want to sign up with your agency above all the rest.

Instead, use effective points of difference that clearly demonstrate that you are far superior- these are both demonstrated and promoted.

IMPORTANT: Your prospects are thinking “What’s in it for me…how does it benefit me?”

Here’s THREE that really works well to help you STAND-OUT and win:

#1- Strategic Communication using SMS Video Text

When you’re dealing with a prospect, before and after the listing appointment send them an SMS Video Text confirming your appointment, perhaps with what you will be bringing with you and afterward thanking them for their time plus delivering any information relevant to the appointment.

Our point is NO-ONE else will be sending them an SMS Video Text so you’re standing out already from the PACK!

Do this and likely you win the business ALONE because of it!

Here’s a sample SMS Video Text by BDM Coach Deniz Yusuf:

Here’s what happened when Leanne sent a SMS Video Text to a ‘fee-shopping’ prospect:

#2- Video and 360 Camera walk-through tours for leasing property

If your competition is still promoting their properties using boring property marketing photos then this is a real stand-out.

Any prospect with an upcoming vacant property will want it promoted in the most effective way possible so they can get a tenant with the best rent real fast!

Even if your competition is using this type of technology now, it doesn’t mean they’re effectively promoting it to their prospects.

The one who promotes it is the one who gets the perception they are the only ones with it!

#3- Quoting Statistics to IMPRESS

Ask your prospects on the phone if getting their property rented quickly and getting the rent paid on time is a priority to them (a loaded question right?).

If you’ve got 2% of your tenants late in rent you can quote “We have 98% of our tenants who paid on time last month” or if you have a 3% vacancy rate then quote “97% of our properties are occupied right now!”

When you know your stats and your competitors won’t- you can stand out from the pack!

Happy implementing!


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