Nine Tips to Keeping Your Desk Organised and Efficient

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Some property managers feel that an untidy desk is the sign of a busy person. I believe that a person with a messy desk will do their tasks slower overall as a result of the clutter and disorganisation.

Apply the following 9 tips, starting today, and begin enjoying the benefits of an uncluttered workspace.

#1 – Keep your desk clear.

Making sure that your visual periphery is clear of mess means that you keep your mind clear of clutter.

Clutter creates stress! Bits of paper all have little voices that yell in unison ‘me next, me next!’ A clear and organised workspace will contribute to an undistracted mind.

#2 – Get rid of business cards.

Enter your business cards into your Outlook or Google contacts (or whatever platform you use to store contacts) but get them off of your desk and into the bin as soon as possible. Gone are the days of keeping business cards for every contact. Technology means that you now only keep very specific or personal business cards in that old card wallet.

#3 – Be careful when using stick-it notes.

Stick-it notes can go missing and they also clutter up your desk. Place the relevant information quickly into your one source or your daily to-do list.

#4 – All PM papers must have a place.

Instead of using your actual desktop to store bits of paper, have a series of folders in a toaster rack to place this paper into. Folder titles could be applications, tenants vacating, repairs and so forth. You understand!

#5 – Don’t be a shredder!

Sensitive paperwork should be placed into a commercial shredding bin to be shredded by someone else and not by you. You can waste a stupid amount of time doing this task!

#6 – Get a big bin!

Too many property managers have a bin the size of a coke can. A good property manager is quick to dump unnecessary things off of their desk and they must have the ability to do so without wasting time emptying a small wastepaper basket several times per day or searching for an appropriately sized bin.

#7 – Touch that paper once!

When a piece of paper hits your desk, move fast. Either file it, allocate it to a folder, delegate it, shred it or dump it. But do it!

#8- Clean out the crap!

Regularly clean out your drawers of stuff that just doesn’t need to be there. Only have what you need to function! Remove those tap parts and house bits and whatever else you’ve dragged back from a property if they don’t need to be there anymore!

#9 – Have your to-do list within easy eye-reach.

Always ensure your to-do list is within easy eye-reach on your desk. Never let it get buried in stuff. It’s your daily flight plan, always have it handy.


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