Overcoming Procrastination

Friday, December 08, 2023

Having a ‘too hard basket’ is something we all own, it’s just what we store in this basket for longer than necessary that causes us problems and grief! This unseen in-tray can store things we believe too difficult, or too hard to solve.

Procrastination occurs when we do not understand how to solve a problem, or are unwilling to deal with it head-on and solve the issue. It could be an issue that must be explained to a client, an issue that may cause future conflict, a serious mistake or a problem you have made, or important tasks that have not been dealt with.

Leaving it too long causes the problem to grow ugly!

Like the ostrich with its head in the sand, ignoring the problem in your invisible inbox won’t solve the issue! The longer anything stays in this basket, the more it grows hair, teeth, and claws and can eventually bite you hard and draw blood!

This problem affects two areas:

1. By leaving it unsolved the problem becomes more complex and tangled. If a deadline is missed, it may result in an upset by those affected by the unsolved problem.

2. The mental weight of the unresolved problem causes you stress. Every time you think about it, you feel your stomach churn. It will just cause your mind, body, and emotions ‘excessive wear and tear’!

Left too long, in extreme circumstances it can be a trigger that causes a property manager to resign and leave the issue for someone else to deal with and resulting in ‘landmines going off’!

Rarely will the problem be solved with no action

Rarely will the problem solve itself all on its own. Solving the problem requires deliberate and effective action. The sooner a problem is effectively dealt with, the more chance it can be solved with no real damage (monetary or otherwise).

Action steps when faced with a difficult situation

  • ​Break the problem down and solve each part piece by piece. What ‘ingredients’ caused the problem to occur?
  • ​What steps must now be taken to solve the problem?
  • ​Get the right advice. Whether this is from your local consumer affairs tenancies advice line, your department                    manager/principal or other property managers within your company or real estate network. Work out who will be the best person to get the right advice from.
  • ​Work out who will be affected by the problem (landlord, tenant, your employer?) Ensure the correct people are informed with the correct information as quickly as possible!
    Inform management immediately whether it is your fault or not!

Deal with it straight away

Most importantly you must deal with it straight away! Most problems can be solved with little to no damage if they are attended promptly.

At the end of the day- it’s not worth stressing over so don’t procrastinate…



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