The Seven Essential Traits of a Top-Performing BDM

Thursday, November 16, 2023

So what does a good Business Development Manager (BDM) look like?

If you take the best performing BDM, pull them apart, and examine their individual qualities one by one, what would you find?

Deniz Yusuf signed up 900 managements over 4 years and contributes what he believes are the core qualities a BDM must have to succeed to get strong growth results.

Real estate business owners should recognise these qualities as the same required for a top-performing salesperson as well.

#1- They must be exceptional ‘People People’.

Any quality BDM must be good at connecting with their prospects instantly. They must be genuine people who are dedicated to providing solutions for the concerns and needs of their clients. They will crawl through a minefield for them to do it! Quality results always rise (or fall) on this quality alone. If you’re not good at connecting well with people, then being a BDM is NOT for you.

#2- They must be self-motivated.

Any sales role has its ups and downs and a top performer knows that being persistent will win the day. They are self-driven to set goals and are able to pick up the phone and deal with rejection as they know every ‘no’ will get them closer to a ‘yes’ knowing it’s a numbers game. They jump out of bed on a Monday morning with the ‘buzz’ to win and the ‘hustle’ to succeed.

#3-They must have a positive attitude.

When you’re full of positivity and passion nothing can stop you. When your mindset is positive you will see the opportunities all around where a negative person will simply be blind to them. A positive passionate attitude is contagious. If you’re enthusiastic and passionate, your prospects will feel that too and want to do business with them.

#4- They’re always seeking continued development.

Whether it’s attending a training event, conference, online training program, or reading a great book, top-performing BDM’s are simply not satisfied with remaining or earning the same. They know their earning level is in proportion to their learning. The more they learn and improve, the more they are earning limit rises.

#5- They have great sales skills.

A top-performing BDM knows the importance of asking the right questions that lead to understanding their clients’ needs, how to ask closing questions at the right time to win the deal, how to identify personality traits and adapt their style quickly and be able to read situations that lead to a deal.

#6- They must be well presented and professional.

When a prospect owns a property asset and investment worth hundreds of thousands and sometimes over a million dollars, it is human nature for them to get judgmental of who they want to manage their investment property. Ensure your standard of dress is that bit better than your target audience, you present professionally and not detract them from the deal.

#7- They must have sound PM product knowledge.

A top-performing BDM must be dedicated to understanding the market intimately with rent values across a wide variety of property that exists in their marketplace. They also have a sound knowledge of the property management processes and knowledge of how the business operates through the entire management and tenancy cycle. Though they may have never previously been a property manager, they have dedicated themselves to understand enough of the job to be able to confidently explain the property management process when discussed in the listing presentation.


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