What Property Managers Want… From an Employer!

Thursday, December 07, 2023

We ran an interesting post on our Facebook page asking our audience:

“What do quality property managers look for in a real estate agency?”

The answers were varied and quite interesting however overall, property managers want to be valued in their difficult and demanding day-to-day role!

What did PMs have to say in response to our question?

“Recognition for what we do! We are lawyers, psychologists, debt collectors, social workers, councillors, negotiators, accountants, customer service operators, data entry clerks yet get paid less than cleaners!”

“Training and pay very important. Also, time and money invested as much into property management as it is sales. Respect, more than anything.”

“Good working conditions, adequate trained staff to suit the size of the rent roll and pay…”

“…the best thing I can suggest is continuous support from the licensee and understanding of a portfolio, I believe that if PMs are continuously changing companies they are not getting the support needed…”

But by far the most popular comment was this one:

“An appropriate salary, reasonable working hours, a team of friendly staff and a well thought out and successful training system! The shortage of quality property managers certainly is affected by the lack of proper training!”

Principals, I hope you can take something out of this and take a look at what you are providing for your staff. Getting quality property managers has never been harder, and good staff are very much choosing who they work for now.

Make sure it’s you who quality property managers want to work for!


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