Which of These 17 SMS Texts for ‘Serial Late Rent Offenders’ Will You Use?

Thursday, December 07, 2023

SMS is one of the most effective forms of communication when dealing with your tenants that are regularly late in paying rent. Not everyone frequently checks their email, but everyone reads a text (unless they’ve blocked you, of course).

Your message always should be strong, direct and one that will get a response and action.

If it doesn’t work, don’t use it!

The following SMS texts compiled for late-rent payers were received in a recent Facebook competition.

These texts are a bit ‘in your face’.

These texts might seem a bit ‘in your face’. When the rent money getting paid is in competition with other things like alcohol, drugs, gambling, buying cigarettes (yes, in Australia they’re very expensive mainly due to government tax) then as property managers we must play the game of ‘lesser evils’ and be tough on them now so they have accommodation later.

Here are some of the most effective texts – please use with caution!

The day the rent is due

Your rent is due today. If you’re unable to pay today, please call me today.
~Darren Hunter

Abandoned premises?

‘As you haven’t replied to our recent messages and emails and your rent remains behind, we presume that you have abandoned the premises. We will attend today with our office key to check.’

Always guaranteed a speedy return call.
~Tina Case

“Dear xxx, as we (agency name) have made numerous attempts to contact you to no avail in regards to you arrears of $xx being xx days late, we believe you to have absconded the property and therefore will enter the property giving 24 hr notice on ________. Should this not be the case please call 00000000 to advise on payment.
Kind Regards xx”

We always get a payment or contact after this notification. It works a treat as they do not want to see you in their home or deal with you.
~Lisa Alderson

The ‘vices’

“Foxtel, take away food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc are all items you may need to live without in order to pay your rent on time! Having a roof over your head is more important than any of the above. You need to sort out your priorities and pay all outstanding rent!”
~Jenna Wright

Christmas time

“The best Christmas present you can give your family is a roof over their heads! Your rent is in arrears by $xxx”
~Toni Scells

Notice to vacate is coming

“Your rent is in arrears by “x” days. If payment is not received within 24 hours a Notice to Vacate will be issued”
~Krystle McGuinness

“(Tenant’s name), your rent is in arrears AGAIN. Please make payment by close of business today or we will be issuing you a Vacate Notice tomorrow morning. We have pre-approved tenants ready to move in who are willing to pay their rent on time.” ~Elyse Foster

“Our office has still not received your promised rent. The Landlord is now taking further action for possible eviction. Please contact the office if you wish to discuss.”
~Jessica Walkerden

The receipt book is coming!

“(Tenant’s name), your rent is STILL in arrears. Please make payment at the office by 12 pm today. If you cannot make it to the office I will come to you with the receipt book. Regards, (PM name)”
~Elyse Foster

Your emergency contact might be notified.

“(Name), your rent is again in arrears. As it seems this may no longer be your best contact number I will be calling your referees and emergency contacts today unless I hear from you.”
~Jacqui Kitto

Your lease renewal is in jeopardy!

“IMPORTANT: Your rent is now ‘X’ days in arrears! Ongoing rent arrears can affect your rental history and/or chances of a lease renewal. Please pay immediately to avoid further action and ensure all future payments are received on or before the due dates as per your lease agreement. Thank you, Property Management Team at (company name).”
~Tara Tyler

“(Name), reminder rent is still in arrears. Every SMS received is reported to owners and affects future lease renewal and your future rental references.”

*** note I use this for the serial pests who don’t ever reach the level to be issued NTL mid-lease so they think it doesn’t matter.
~Jacqui Kitto

We have a ‘zero tolerance policy’.

“Hi (name), you are currently xxx days behind in your rent with “$xxx” owing as of today. To avoid further action please contact your property manager direct on “number”. Please remember that here at (company name) we have a “Zero Tolerance Policy” to rent arrears and take this matter very seriously. Look forward to hearing from you Thanks, (PM’s name).”
~Krystle Kelly Murray

Avoid tribunal/court proceedings.

“Please note you are currently x days in arrears. Please contact your property manager at your earliest convenience or make immediate payment to avoid court proceedings to recover any outstanding monies owed by you.”
~Jess Ryan Foster

Packing up the house?

“Paying rent or packing up the house? Your choice. Rent is x days late. Notice to Leave is pending.”
~Cath Clark

We’ve tried every method of contact.

“Hi (name), I have tried all avenues of contact including letter, phone call, door knock, email, and all with no response. Here is the last method of contact. You are in arrears by 14 days; I have no other alternative but to issue you with a notice to vacate if payment or communication is not received by close of business today. I do understand things go wrong and we all struggle at times but for me to assist you, communication with me is the number one key to getting you back on track. I hope to hear from you soon. (PM name).”
~Kaly Smith

This may affect your future financial dealings.

After the normal rent arrears advice, I add “this may affect your future financial dealings. You may apply for a loan for a car, a home or you may want to rent another property. They will contact us for a financial reference and the first question they will ask is “was their rent paid on time?”
~Sue Johnson


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