Worry and Property Managers

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Fear and worry is something a lot of property managers wrestle with on a constant basis.

They worry about a problem that has just arisen and fear perceived consequences and also fear breaking the news to their landlord client. They stress just thinking about the issue, and in some cases, they wake up in the middle of the night with a sense of being overwhelmed and feeling like they are out of control.

I know this happens because it used to happen to me (waking up at night was a real problem). I had this constant fear that something bad was about to occur and I feared the worst of problems. When I thought about a difficult coming tribunal hearing or a possible confrontational final inspection, my stomach would literally churn. It was a most unpleasant feeling. I can recall being labelled ‘a drama queen’ in a company meeting by a former employer because I had a reputation of worrying and stressing about everything.

Five great keys to deal with worry!

The great news is that I changed this. I learned not to worry and put things in perspective!

Here are five points that assisted me to keep my worry and stress in check:

1. Record Everything –
Ensure nothing is left to memory! Write everything down that you must do into a notebook. If you choose to remember anything, this means you have planned to overlook and forget things. The job is hard enough and a million things are flying at you in any given moment, so why make your role more difficult than what it needs to be?

2. Prioritise –
Always plan your day ahead on a list either at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day before. At every point in your day know on your list what must be done next, in order of priority. Ensure that nothing is missed and regularly scan over your list and review your progress. This ensures that nothing creeps up on you unaware.

3. Perspective –
Our minds cannot tell the difference between perceived reality and actual reality. Our minds will focus on whatever we tell ourselves to worry about. So when facing a worrying problem, what is the likely outcome? Will it really result in what your stress and worry said would happen? This type of perspective does come with experience and gives you the ability to have the right foresight of realistic outcomes. I realised that 95% of what I worried about did not actually eventuate the way I thought it would!

4. Thoroughness –
Have you covered every angle and ensured there are no loose ends? Is there a possible scenario not thought out? Are you thoroughly prepared? Have you done everything in your power that can be done? Have you consulted with another person who can assist you on the issue?

5. Quick Action –
Procrastination is deadly! Ensure that any problem is quickly dealt with. The problem will increase in difficulty the longer it is left unattended.

What you worry about is not reality!

The good news is that worry and stress are not true reality. Worry is very unproductive as no matter how much you worry, it will not change the situation. What it does do is lessen your ability to deal with the problem effectively, and padlock your mind with fear immobilising you to be able to think clearly.

Next time you are worrying about something, write down exactly what you are stressed about. When the problem is finally solved, go back to what you wrote down and compare with what finally eventuated- you will soon realise what you worried about was quite different from the final outcome.

Conquering fear and worry is a vital skill to develop to be successful as a property manager, as well as a vital skill for life. Decide to make a change for the better and do not worry.

A good property manager should be able to go home and ‘switch off’ no matter the issues at hand. You owe it to yourself, your emotional and mental health, and your family.

Be the conqueror and in control of what your mind perceives.

Be the best you, you can be!


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