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Promote your PM services with our library of BDM written prospecting letters to Private Owners, 'stale' properties for sale, vacant properties plus MORE!
Be your prospects first choice FAST with a checklist of TEN different documents you can add to your Pre-Listing email.
 Make every rental property look like the best in town with our 50-part Property Marketing Checklist.
Stack your competitive advantage against your rivals with our useful Competitor Comparison Chart.
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Competitor Comparison Chart- Listing Kit Tool
Competitor Comparison Chart- Points of Difference (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
List out all your competitors after you’ve done SECRET SHOPPING and compare your agency against them with your long list of unique features and benefits.
General Letters/Tools/Checklists 
(6 Items)
Letter- Management Cancel Notice (From Property Owner to current Agent)- 2 Versions
This is a sample letter for your new client to give written notice to their current agent for transfer of management.
Letter- Before and After the Listing Appraisal- (16-Step Procedure)
Here’s a great 16-part procedure/checklist to get you into pole position to win the business, before you arrive at the Listing Presentation. Includes the checklist for your pre-listing email with ten things to attach, plus what to do after the listing appointment. 
Follow this procedure and WIN EVERY TIME!
BDM Daily Task Manager - 
2 Versions- MS Excel Spreadsheet and PDF Document.
Just load what you need to do for today into 4 sections- ‘Must-Do’ Phone Calls, ‘Must-Do’ Emails, High and Low Priority Tasks and go for it!
Property Marketing Checklist Guide
Over 50 check-points listed to ensure you take amazing professional looking property marketing photos on your rental properties, and you ‘wow’ your property owners and tenants.
Letterbox Marketing 
(Warning- Letter/Mail Box marketing is Illegal in the USA)
Template Wording for Letter Box Drop Cards
Some sample wording for Letterbox Flier Drops (USA members- please note you cannot place soliciting material in mailboxes).
Template Wording for Routine Inspection/Appraisal Letterbox Drops
Doing Routine Inspections in the area? Why not letterbox drop the area with this message to do a rental appraisal as well! 
(USA members- please note you cannot place soliciting material in mailboxes).
‘Property For Sale’ Letters? 
Is it a Rental Property opportunity now?
New Sale Listing Letter
The property is on the market for sale, and this letter lets the seller know if they ever want a rental return to contact you. Simple and straightforward.
Sale Prospecting Letter (‘For Sale’ Prospecting Letter)
Has the property been on the market for sale too long? This letter will assist the property seller to consider renting the property with your agency.
Sale Prospecting Letter Second (Second Letter - 90 Day Sales Prospecting Letter)
Follow up letter after 30 days of contact of your first letter for an owner that hasn’t been able to sell their property, but might now consider renting it out.
'Old Sale' Listings
The property has been for sale on the market for quite a while. This letter is your offer of a free rental market appraisal.
90-Day Sale Prospecting Letter
Have you noticed that property on the market, still not selling after 90 days? 
They might now be considering renting the property. This letter is useful for approaching the owner of the property for sale, to consider renting it out instead.
General Prospecting Letters
New 'Cold' Prospecting Letter
Wanting to make that very first contact by letter to introduce yourself and your services. This letter is useful to make a cold lead just that bit warmer!
Private Owner Letter - ‘For Rent by Owner’ Prospecting Letter
Is it ‘For Rent By Owner’? Here’s the perfect prospecting letter to send them to use your services.
Prospecting Letter (General)
This letter promotes and emphases your service and points of difference to your prospects in an introduction letter.
Vacant Property Letter 
Using an online booking system?
 This letter helps you to promote your services to find a new tenant fast, pitched at owners of vacant rental properties. (Please note that Inspired Growth Training does not support poaching of other agents listings).
Pre-Listing Letters/Tools
Rental Market Appraisal Letter
Simple letter to deliver what a property may be worth in the current rental market.
Pre Listing Email Sample Wording
Sample pre-listing email wording to send to the prospective client before the listing appointment.
After-Listing Letters/Tools
New Management Welcome Letter Sample
A sample thank-you letter to a new client, and a couple things to bring to their attention (like communication, landlord insurance etc)
New Management Welcome Letter
Just on-boarded the new owner- this welcome letter also reminds them of the importance of quality landlord insurance.
Here's the ENTIRE CONTENTS that you can start using RIGHT AWAY
Property Investor Advice/Help Tools
Part A- Checklists
Five Detailed Checklists so you can make the most of identifying and connecting with every property investor that connects with your agency.
'Hard to Rent' Properties Action Checklist- 31 useful tips to get that difficult to rent property...rented even faster!
'Investor Support Services' System Main Checklist- 22-step checklist for the overall procedure of ‘Investor Support Services’.
Investor Support Auction and Open House Checklist- 24 effective steps to ensure you find the maximum opportunities with identifying property investors at the home open as well as a property auction.
Investor Support Auction Open 'Must Do’s'- 6-step checklist to ensure you make the most of your property investor opportunities.
Part B- Client Brochure
How We Can Help You? Investor Support Services Benefits List (just amend and add brand it up)
       A useful list with over 20 benefits you can give to an owner with your Investor Support Services.
Investor Support List Contacts Form- (just amend, add your own contacts and add brand it up)
A useful list you can give to your prospects with the contacts and services they will likely need next
Part C- Letters
Follow-up Investor Support Letter
Have you made contact with a property investor looking to buy, but haven’t heard back from them in a while? This letter is useful to touch base again and make contact to keep the lead warm.
'Buyer in the Market for an Investment Property'- Prospecting Letter
(Not Purchased Yet) A buyer has placed an enquiry to purchase a property for investment purposes with your sales team. This letter allows you to reach out and introduce yourself and that you can assist them with any rental advice and information. A great way to connect before they purchase the property and need a PM.