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GET The ‘PM LEAD secrets' Training BUNDLE for $97 (Total value $694)

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Promote your PM services with our library of BDM written prospecting letters to Private Owners, 'stale' properties for sale, vacant properties plus MORE!
Be your prospects first choice FAST with a checklist of TEN different documents you can add to your Pre-Listing email.
 Make every rental property look like the best in town with our 50-part Property Marketing Checklist.
Stack your competitive advantage against your rivals with our useful Competitor Comparison Chart.
SCROLL DOWN to see all of the 'PM Lead Secrets' BUNDLE contents that you can DOWNLOAD and start using right away.

$297   'PM Lead Secrets' BUNDLE  

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Checkout all of the CONTENTS of the 'PM Lead Secrets' BUNDLE that you can start branding up and using right away!

17- Calling your database of previously interested prospective property owners.
18- Watching PM GROWTH Training Videos
19- Listening to Training Podcasts (we show you which ones to listen to right away!)
20- Joining ‘like-minded’ FACEBOOK PM Growth groups to get leads
21- Doing educational videos for prospective property owners (with great example)
22- How to contact old ‘For Sale’ properties for renting opportunity (we give you the script)
23- Contacting website and property portal ‘property investor’ sale enquiries (Deniz found 80 QUALITY leads a month just by doing this!)
24- Attending home opens and meeting property investors.
25- ‘For Sale By Owner’ property management opportunities.
26 Attending Property Auctions for opportunities.
27- Calling Sales ‘Home Open’ Attendees
28- Sending a personalised Video SMS text messages (how this will help you beat your rivals)
29- Using online reviews and testimonials to GROW.
30- Using For RENT and FOR LEASE signboards
BONUS- Plus another 10 SECRETS (plus) as well!
Here's the PM Lead SECRETS you can start using right away...
You'll never run out of PM leads again!
1- Joining and attending network meetings (we show you what groups!)
2- From Body Corp/Strata/HOA Meetings (how is this done?)
3- From running Investor Education evenings (it's EASY when you know how)
4- CALL your Current Clients (we give you what to say and tell you how often should you call!)
5- Using LinkedIn (what works best and who's doing a great job so you can follow their example)
6- Using Facebook (we give you the content ideas)
7- Using Instagram (what works and what doesn't)
8- By posting Educational Memes (how will this get your MORE business?)
9- By posting Humorous Memes (how will this get your MORE business?)
10- By posting Inspirational/Motivational Memes (how will this get your MORE business?)
11- By emailing useful newsletters (what should you be sending?)
12- How to use Educational Videos to attract new business
13- Promoting your Points of Differences (we give you a list of what you can be saying and using!)
14- ‘Just Listed’ Mailbox/Door hanger fliers (with wording)
15- ‘Just Leased in your Street’ Mailbox/Door hanger fliers (with wording)
16- Contacting self-managed Property Owners (you’ll see our formulae that has a near 100% conversion rate with ten things you can give them and an educational video example as well)


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