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The PM Power Podcast Series showcases the very best property management experts globally tackling and delivering real working solutions to the BIG PM issues and hot topics affecting property managers everywhere. If you need real PM working solutions- you’ll find them here. For ways to REDUCE and ELIMINATE interruptions, go to

Episode #28- Delivering ‘STRONGLY Worded’ Emails - Melanie Poole

Melanie Poole, Department Head with Daystar First National based in South West Sydney, knows how to get things done, and sometimes that involves delivering a strongly worded email to BOTH landlords and tenants. In this podcast episode, Melanie delves into the typical reasons when you’d need to do this, BUT also gives you a 6-part easy to understand structure to write strongly worded emails that will get the job done.

Episode #27- How Rentwest made the ‘4-Day Work Week’… work! - Michelle Rigg

Rentwest is a massive rent roll based in Perth Western Australia with 29 team members. Michelle Rigg (General Manager) with 35 years experience in PM who together with business owner Suzanne Brown, have successfully trialled and made the 4-day work week successfully work. In this investigative and insightful podcast episode, Darren Hunter asks all the questions any rent roll business owner would be struggling with right now being… “How would you make this work?”. Be prepared to confront a new mindset, in this special episode of the PM Power Podcast Show.

Episode #26- Mastering Ingoing Inspection Reports - Louise Schofield

Darren Hunter together with Louise Schofield- Operations Manager with Jackson Wall in NSW do a deep dive into everything ingoing inspection reports. From how to be prepared, what to have with you, methodology, structure, and thoroughness to photos, virtual tour and video technology to what to have in your car kit. This podcast is very comprehensive and a must listen for everyone who’s required to do these podcasts in the office. Get Darren’s new free book at (just pay shipping).

Episode #25- Four Keys to Win Your Value with the Boss - Jodie Stainton

If you think you’re worth more to your employer and want a salary increase, you’ll need to first prove better value to the business! Jodie Stainton outlines 4 pillars that you need to put in place to have a WIN-WIN with your boss. Provide more value to your employer and they will be glad to reward you better…in this podcast Jodie explains how. Get Darren’s free book at– (just pay shipping).

Episode #24- TEN Things Property Investors Want to Say… To Property Managers - Peta McKenzie

In this podcast session together with Peta Mckenzie from Professionals Geraldton, Darren and Peta put on their ‘Property Investors’ Hat and tell you all the things Property Investors get concerned about. Know these ten things and implement them, we promise not only will your clients love you but they’ll also refer to you all their investor friends as well. Get Darren’s new free book at (just pay shipping).

Episode #23- The FIVE BIG PM After-COVID Survival Qualities - Kirk Stafford

The last 2 years have been more than challenging enough with so many changes and in this session Kirk Stafford (The Property Management Coach- and Darren Hunter do a deep dive discussion around the five big challenges Property Managers have faced and the qualities they need moving forward in a new world and industry post-COVID. Get Darren’s new book at (just pay shipping, the book is free).

Episode #22- SIX Daily Stress-Reducing Habits of a Busy PM Mum - Kylie Walker

Kylie Walker from ‘I Think Property’ and ‘That Property Mum’ in Brisbane is an effective property manager and busy mum of 4 teen children. In this honest and revealing podcast Kylie outlines her most effective SIX daily habits that allow her to keep her world under control with her business and family. Kylie also has her own podcast on Itunes and Spotify ‘The Property Management Podcast Show’.

Episode #21- SEVEN Habits of Highly Effective Property Managers - Esther Nilson

Did you know that the same SEVEN habits and attributes that make a good police officer are the same ones that make a good property manager? Esther Nilson together with Darren Hunter go through the absolute non-negotiable skills that are required to succeed in the role.

Episode #20- TEN Biggest Communication Complaints… with Joe Iemma

Joe Iemma has over 30 years of property management experience with Doyle Spillane Real Estate based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Joe runs a quality agency of 1000 doors so you’d guess that if his team is quality- they deliver quality communication with their property owners. In this podcast episode Joe Iemma and Darren Hunter go through the TOP TEN biggest complaints that property owners have about Property Managers…so you can ensure they don’t happen in your portfolio.

Episode #19- How to CONQUER Conflict Quickly… with Kylie Walker

Kylie runs two agencies in QLD called ‘I Think Property’ plus runs her own property manager podcast show ‘That Property Mum’, and in this podcast episode shares with you the skills to be able to quickly diffuse conflict whether with a property owner, tenant or anyone else in your role in PM. Kylie shares from her 13 years of property management experience valuable skills to succeed and enjoy the important job of being a Property Manager.

Episode #18- How to NEVER GO to Tribunal - Jackie Skein

Jackie Skein has been managing low-socio economic tenants for all her PM career in the Logan and Ipswich regions of Brisbane QLD. Over the last six years she has not been to tribunal at all! Not even once! Quite an amazing feat given the type of tenancies she manages. Jackie believes with the right tenant selection, communication, empathy and negotiation skills you can get the result that you need for your clients and tenants. A must-listen for all property managers!

Episode #17- Staying Safe in Property Management - Jody Chatillon

Several property managers have been killed, plus many more assaulted, and even more, have their personal safety jeopardised in Property Management in both Australia and New Zealand. Darren Hunter, together with Jody Chatillon from Remax in Nambour QLD discuss proactive ways and technology you can be using to stay safe on the job! A must-listen podcast episode for everyone that works in Property Management (including bosses).

Episode #16- 35 Common Inspection Mistakes Property Managers make (and top tenant tricks) - Darren Hunter

Property Managers are doing so many inspections and making a pile of mistakes that create problems and work to fix them. In this episode with Darren Hunter, know 35 common mistakes that are made regularly at routine and final inspections, plus also 17 top tenant tricks tenants play as well at inspections. A great ‘nuts and bolts’ session for every property manager who conducts these important property visits in property management.

Episode #15- Getting Rent Increases over the Line – Jason Wright

Too many property managers stall from getting maximum rent for their properties with their current tenants, for all sorts of reasons. This costs the company and the property owners money. When demand for rental properties is strong, rent increases can be steep. Expert PM Jason Wright explains the strategies he uses to get these over the line with owners and tenants and keep rents maximised.

Episode #14- Take CONTROL… or burnout! - Tennille Mugridge

The key to not burning out as a property manager is knowing how to take control in every facet of the job. In this candid interview, Tennille shares how she walked out of her property manager role many years ago burnt out, and didn’t return for a whole 18 months. Since then she has dedicated herself to know how to take control as a property manager and running her PM agency and team on the Central Coast in NSW. Tennille is one of the best PM business operators in the industry today, and you will enjoy this interview as she covers 13 key areas to take control and avoid burnout.

Episode #13- Dealing with Demanding Expectations - Marianne Smith

Property Owner and tenant expectations for service have accelerated faster than the average property manager has been able to keep up with. Marianne Smith runs two agencies in Perth with 20 years of PM experience up her sleeve. So how do you manage demanding expectations and satisfy them, and turn them into raving fans? From money issues to breaches to communication expectations of owners and tenants keep accelerating. Marianne Smith shows you how to not just deal with them, but deliver outstanding results and come out on top.

Episode #12- FORTY Warning Signs of Drug Production in a Rental Property - Darren Hunter with Esther Nilson

In this episode together with Esther Nilson from Coronis Now in Perth, we explore all the issues and problems associated with both hydroponic marijuana and methamphetamine production in rental properties. When 70% of these types of drugs are produced in a rental property, you need to know the danger, damage, and warning signs illicit drug production can pose to not only the rental property but to your personal safety and your agency reputation as well. Darren Hunter and Esther Nilson pull apart all the warning signs you or other staff may observe at any type of property inspection, but also what the neighbours of your rental properties may report to you as well. This session is a MUST for any staff member doing any type of rental property inspection.

Episode #11- STOP Working STUPID Long Hours! - Ashleigh Goodchild

Working long hours as a property manager is a recipe for burnout! PM Influencer Ashleigh Goodchild runs a Perth agency and pulls apart some big PM tasks and challenges mindsets around how long they should take, and shows you ways that you can save countless hours a week in getting more efficient with your role. From tenant sign-up to routine and final inspections and more, ‘old-school’ mindsets will be challenged in this episode!

Episode #10- Routine Inspections… what’s acceptable? - Linda Gulabovska

At routine inspections do you ‘let the tenant go’ on some cleaning and damage issues thinking you’ll get it sorted when they move out? Darren and Linda discuss this issue together, plus talk about suspicious warning signs with pets, drug production, and extra occupants, plus much more! You’ll enjoy the 27 years of property management experience that Linda brings to the table. Linda is Dept Head at Right Choice Real Estate based in Shell Harbour, Illawarra, NSW.

Episode #9- How to REDUCE CONFLICT and not take things personally - Nicole Anstiss

With nearly 30 years PM experience Nicole Anstiss is the General Manager of Harcourts Hamilton Rentals based in New Zealand, managing a big team with 1750 rentals! In this episode, Nicole shares her years of experience on how to NOT TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY, ways to reduce conflict and convey right expectations so you can go home at the end of the day and have a life, without taking the burden of property management home with you!

Episode #8- How to TAKE OVER from another Property Manager with CONFIDENCE! - Melanie Dennis

Melanie Dennis started her business in Property Management in 2000. She is based in Melbourne, Victoria, and is one of the most awarded property managers in Australia, running a dynamic property management team with both property management and buyers advocacy services. In this expertise packed episode, Melanie gives you the steps you need to take from DAY ONE when you take over from another Property Manager so you can bed down your new property portfolio and settle it quickly. Melanie shows you how to deal with a potentially stressful time with the right strategies and great communication with your owners and tenants.

Special Christmas EDITION- Nine Things to ACTION to SWITCH-OFF over Christmas Time (or at least slow-down)

Darren Hunter, Shadi Salehpour and Kelley Seaton share NINE KEY ACTIONS you can do to take your rental department from fifth to first gear over the Christmas/New Year break, so you can switch off and still have control! PLUS…how to stop the traditional ‘February evictions’ from happening with our Christmas Rent Control special teaching!

Episode #7- Winning the BATTLE with Serial Late Rent Offenders - Villi Tossi

Evicting a tenant is one of the worst things that can happen in Property Management. It’s been said that ‘an eviction is like a packet of cigarettes and will take years off your life’ as a property manager. The awful consequences also affect the owner, PM company as well as the tenant and their children. That’s why we must implement a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude and rent control practices and strategies. Villi Tossi heads up a large PM Team from Watson Real Estate in Palmerston North, New Zealand and has one of the lowest late rent rates we have seen anywhere! Villi shares their strategies to ensure tenants are never allowed to get behind in rent…especially late rent serial offenders.

Episode #6- Dealing with Difficult Owners and Bad Business - Julie Collins

It’s been said that difficult ‘C-Class Property Owners’ are like a pack of cigarettes and can take years off your life! There’s not many factors that have a greater negative impact on Property Managers and their mental health than difficult property owners. In this podcast episode we identify the warning signs to look out for, the main issues they create not only to the property management process but also how they contribute to PM burnout, and most importantly what you can do about it. This episode is a total eye-opener and is a MUST for every property manager AND business owner too!

Episode #5- Dealing with ANGRY and UPSET - Joe Iemma

Property Management has a natural level of conflict ‘built-in’ so having skills to diffuse angry and upset owners is essential. Joe Iemma manages a team with 1000 doors on the Northern Beaches in Sydney NSW and in this podcast shares with his 32 years of experience and wisdom as a frontline property manager on how to diffuse ANGRY and UPSET fast!

Episode #4- Communicating and onboarding new clients successfully - Kelley Seaton

Kelley Seaton from ‘The Leasing Network’ on the Central Coast in NSW gives us her expertise around the effective communication and question system she uses for prospective clients and new clients. Kelley believes she needs to know everything about the client so she can effectively communicate with them in the future to ensure the management runs smoothly, and in this podcast reveals the questions she uses, what she is looking for and how she records it all in her property management software system.

Episode #3- How to BEAT PM Stress and Burnout - Greg Pearson

Greg Pearson runs a large regional PM portfolio with his team in Albany, Western Australia. Greg is very careful to identify and manage stress and burnout with himself and his property managers and in this episode, Greg candidly shares his strategies, tips, and techniques to keep stress and burnout well under control to keep the team motivated, refreshed, and productive.

Episode #2- How NOT to take your WORK home with you (how to switch off after-hours) - Shadi Salehpour

Shadi Salehpour is one of the best property managers in New Zealand, and she has mastered NOT taking phone calls or returning emails in her personal time, effectively switching off 100%. Listen or watch this podcast interview on the strategies she put in place to ensure she can switch off after-hours too. Can you switch-off after-hours too and enjoy your personal life outside of your work? Of course, you can! We’ll show you how, in this podcast episode!

Episode #1- How to TAKE CONTROL with your PM calls and emails - Esther Nilson

Esther Nilson is Department Head with GLC Residential in Perth Western Australia, and has ZERO EMAILS in her inbox at the end of each day before she goes home! In this podcast, Esther shares her secrets around the importance of preparation, the 4 D’s of email management, how to have an empty email inbox, and how to effectively take control of your phone calls. If you struggle with your calls and emails- ESTHER has some answers for you!

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